Canon Powershot D20 The Waterproof Camera that can Handle Demanding Photography

canon powershot d20 Canon Powershot D20 The Waterproof Camera that can Handle Demanding PhotographyCanon Powershot D20 Click Here and Get 20% Discount Today! star rating

If you are into extreme adventures like the outdoors and diving, the Canon Powershot D20 is the waterproof digital cam for you.

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It has all the features you are looking in a digital camera such as wide LCD, crisp photo finish, durable built and beautiful lens.

The Canon Powershot D20 makes every adventure a memory to keep because of the GPS tracker that indicates the location and the time the images where taken.

There are lots of digital cameras in the market that offers stunning images and longer video time however you can’t get them underwater. This Canon Powershot D20 changed the perception of taking images even under water. This camera can withstand water pressure even less than 33 feet.

The great thing about this Canon Powershot D20 is the stylish and slimmer built that you can carry effortlessly.  Even at 14 degrees F to 104 degrees F, this camera functions like a pro even if you are a novice photographer. The layouts and the colors are visible plus the buttons can be operated even if you are wearing gloves.

Canon Powershot D20 is the digital camera that is shock proof even at 5 feet. Shooting images can be done with just push of the button using the wide angled lenses at 28mm. Videos can be captured at 1080p in full HD along with the 5 times zooming capacity.

Based on the experiences of customers who bought this product, this is a reliable gadget. You can always trust waterproof digital cameras like this because you can take pictures even wet days. This revolutionary product is created primarily not to stop adventurous people to take the best  out of their vacations.

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Canon Powershot D20 Product Features:

  • This Canon Powershot D20 is Water resistant up to the deepest 33 feet with the temperature of 14 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It uses the HS System from Canon of 12.1 MP along with the CMOS Sensor in High-Sensitivity plus the Image Processor called DIGIC 4.
  • The Optical Zoom of Canon Powershot D20 is 5 times compared to the older version.
  • This camera has angle lens in 28mm wide.
  • The 3.0-inch LCD uses the Real Color System for easy and clear viewing.
  • There is a GPS tracker so that you record the locations where the images are taken through Canon’s software.
  • You can use this waterproof camera anytime, anywhere because it is waterproof in depths of 33 feet.
  • This product can resist temperature between 14 to 104 degreesF.
  • The Canon Powershot D20 is shockproof within 5.0 feet.
  • It has the HS SYSTEM along with the 12.1 Megapixels of CMOS Sensor in High-Sensitivity.
  • The Image Processor called DIGIC 4 is designed to improve performances even in low-light.
  • You can shoot or capture beautiful whole videos in 1080p using the dedicated button for movies.
  • Even if you are shooting the videos, you can zoom them or play it back on the HDTV through HDMI output.


Canon Powershot D20 Pros and Cons:


  • This water proof camera is lightweight yet gives stunning images and videos.
  • The good thing about this camera is that while taking the video, you can adjust the zoom at the same time.
  • This camera is water proof at the depths of 33 feet.
  • The Canon Powershot D20 can withstand water pressure without damaging the internal parts.
  • The LCD is very clear that you can browse photos and movies captured.
  • This is very economical for a high end camera.
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  • There are customers who complain about the short battery life of the camera and the buttons the malfunctions under water.


What customers have say about the Canon Powershot D20?

Based on the experience of Micah Wakabayashi, this camera should be your first one.  This camera is built to be carried anywhere you wanted especially if you are into adventures.  The images are great with the new Canon Powershot D20.

According to Kendall Gator, this Canon Powershot D20 is a great camera if you are looking for reliable waterproof cam. You can trust this camera even under water plus it can capture worth t keep memories. The Canon Powershot D20 is a must have camera in the market.

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